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Make sure to Disable Usage Statistics as shown below on SoapUI installation.

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In order to validate SoapUI installation, you can run following commands with example project file.

Code Block
# change path appropriately
# /var/tmp will be where output will be written
./ -rjf /var/tmp <project.xml file name>


You will notice some errors during execution due to the fact that SoapUI installs some plugins during first invocation of testrunner. Once you execute SoapUI project file, go to home folder and delete plugins folder from .soapuios. Here are commands for Unix.

  • cd $HOME
  • cd .soapuios
  • rm -rf plugins

SoapUI Docker Plugin

Don't have a SoapUI installation available for FlexDeploy?  No problem.  All you need is a docker install and you can make use of our SoapUI plugin for running on Docker.


The SoapUI Docker plugin functions exactly the same as the traditional java based SoapUI plugin with the notable exception that it needs to be run on an Endpoint that is configured as a Docker Host or a K8s cluster.

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