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Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Patch Top
YesPatch top to be used when applying a patch via adpatch.  This should be the parent folder of the driver file.
Driver Name
YesThe driver to execute as part of the patch.  This must only be the driver file, specifying a relative path to the driver will not work.  
Number of Workers
YesThe number of workers to use when applying the patch.  The default is 8 but it should be configured based on the number of servers in your cluster.
Abandon Session
NoIf the previous session failed or was interrupted should this execution resume where the previously halted session stopped?
Test Mode
NoSetting this to true will only output the steps that would be applied if applying the patch outside of Test Mode.  You can run this first to verify the patch steps.  When running in test mode it is recommended to run in Hot Patch as well.
Hot Patch
NoSetting this to true will result in a hot patch being applied.  When hot patching, the EBS server will not be put in maintenance mode.
EBS Patch Notification
NoShould a notification email be sent on failure?
EBS Patch Notification Email
NoEmail to use in the case of FDEBS_INP_PATCH_NOTIFICATION being true.
Defaults Override
NoThis plugin makes use of a defaults file to provide silent input to the adpatch command.  If you wish to use your own defaults file to apply the patch you can specify that here.




This operation doesn’t consume or produce any artifacts.