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Creates a playbook YML YAML file from the playbook script input and runs this playbook.


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Ansible HomeFDANS_INP_ANSIBLE_HOMENoAbsolute directory path where Ansible is installed.
Playbook ScriptFDANS_INP_PLAYBOOK_SCRIPTYesPlaybook YML YAML script code.
Inventory FileFDANS_INP_INVENTORYNoAbsolute path to the inventory file to use with the playbook invocation. (CLI arg: -i)

Privilege escalation method to use. (CLI arg: --become-method)

valid choices: [ sudo | su | pbrun | pfexec | doas | dzdo | ksu | runas | machinectl ]

If privilege escalation method is selected -b CLI argument will be passed.


Run operations as. (CLI arg: --become-user)

If value is provided -b CLI argument will be passed.


Additional variables as key=value, JSON text, or a JSON/YML YAML file. Formatted as key=value. If passing a JSON/YML YAML file you must use an @ before the file name. One pair per line (CLI arg: -e)

Key/Value Example: var1=val1 var2=val2

JSON Example: {"version":"1.23.45","other_variable":"foo"}

JSON/YML YAML File Example: @some_file.json

Parallel ProcessesFDANS_INP_FORKSNoNumber of parallel processes to use. (CLI arg: -f)
Host LimitFDANS_INP_LIMITNoLimiting of the selected hosts to an additional pattern. Outputs a list of matching hosts. (CLI arg: -l)
Skip TagsFDANS_INP_SKIPPED_TAGSNoOnly run plays and tasks whose tags do not match these values. (CLI arg: --skip-tags)
Start at TaskFDANS_INP_START_AT_TASKNoStart the playbook at the task matching this name. (CLI arg: --start-at-task)
Run TagsFDANS_INP_TAGSNoOnly run plays and tasks tagged with these values. (CLI arg: -t)