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A plugin for managing APIs and other components in Oracle API Platform.


Cloud Account and where to find the properties

titleCloud Account

All plugin operations require the FDOAP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE environment instance property to be set.  See Configuring Cloud Accounts for more info.  The following properties are required for the Oracle API Platform Cloud Account

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Oracle API Platform UrlFDOAP_API_URLYBase Url for the API Platform
Oracle Identity UrlFDOAP_IDENTITY_URLYBase Url for Oracle Identity
Oracle API UsernameFDOAP_USERNAMEYUsername for authentication
Oracle API PasswordFDOAP_PASSWORDYPassword for authentication
Oracle API AudienceFDOAP_AUDIENCEYPrimary Audience for the API Platform
Oracle API ScopeFDOAP_SCOPEYScope for making API calls
Oracle API Client IdFDOAP_CLIENT_IDYClient Id for the API Platform Application
Oracle API Client SecretFDOAP_CLIENT_SECRETYClient Secret for the API Platform Application

Oracle API Platform Client Id


Oracle API Platform Audience

Oracle API Platform Url


From the MyServices dashboard.. click 'Users' and then 'Identity Console'