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@Since FlexDeploy Apigee plugin allows the user to deploy Apigee API proxies and shared flows to Apigee, plugin internally uses

This operation deploys an Apigee API proxy or Shared flow to Apigee by using the maven apigee deploy plugin.


You must have built artifacts as zip file or expanded folder, see Extract and Save Artifacts workflow on FlexDeploy - Apigee Plugin Guide page under Example Workflows. See Special Considerations below for details on folder structure. You can download zip file from Apigee and commit to SCM for use during build, or you can commit zip file in expanded format.

The plugin unzips any zipped file within the artifacts and will search for the API proxy or Shared flow folder and deploy it to Apigee. This operation automatically generates a pom.xml and parent-pom.xml


necessary to use with Maven for deployment. If it is already present, it will be replaced. The new pom contains property replacement tokens in many places. Passwords and other values will not be stored in the file.

If a config.json file is present in the folder it will be processed. The FDAGP_ENV variable holds the environment that will be used when making replacements.

Supported Versions

  • Tested on Apigee version 19.01.14