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Exports one or more integrations from Oracle Integration Cloud as .iar files that can be extracted and placed in an SCM to support Continuous Integration.

This operation is intended to be used in a utility workflow that commits the exported files to your SCM. This allows us to set up a utility project that runs on a schedule. Then, we can configure a separate Build/Deploy project for each integration that uses a 'Poll SCM' trigger watching the SCM path that the utility project commits changes to. This allows for Continuous Integration even though the project is not normally stored in SCM.


Either FDOIC_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE environment instance property value or FDOIC_INP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE plugin input value should exist. When both exists, plugin input value will take precedence. See Creating/Editing a Cloud Account and Provider for details on how to setup Cloud Account for OIC.

Environment/Instance Properties


Property Name

Property Code



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OIC Cloud Account Properties
OIC Cloud Account Properties


Input Name

Input Code



FDOIC_INP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODENoThe OIC account with all the required properties like Base URI, Username and Password for running OIC Instance.
Exclude ListFDOIC_INP_INTEGRATION_EXCLUDE_LISTNoOptional list of integration ids or codes to be excluded from being checked for updates. Leaving this blank will not exclude any integrations.
Include ListFDOIC_INP_INTEGRATION_INCLUDE_LISTNoOptional explicit list of integration ids or codes to be checked for updates. Leaving this blank will exclude any integrations not excluded.
Export SubfolderFDOIC_INP_EXPORT_SUBFOLDERNoOptional subfolder of the temp directory to export any integrations into
Extract IntegrationsFDOIC_INP_EXTRACT_INTEGRATIONSNoOptionally extract the .iar files exported by this operation