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A typical workflow using this operation would first have 'cloneProjectSources' (or whichever SCM you prefer), followed by buildIntegration.  This operation is able to build an iar file itself or package the 'icspackage' directory into an iar file.  If both the iar file and icspackage directory are found in the exported source control files then the already packaged iar file will take precedence.

Like exportIntegration, this operation also allows the ability to manage connections and lookups along with the integration. In this case, only the .iar file needs to be in source control. The connections and lookups are pulled from the server at build time. This operation should be used in a build workflow. The artifact will contain the exported .iar file and optionally the connections.json file. You can also store the connection replacement properties in SCM and they will be ready to go for your deploy workflow as well.

Environment/Instance Properties