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Deploying the Helm Release

Head back to the Project Activity Screen and click the deploy button. If everything goes well there will be a new successful deployment of the Helm Release.

You may notice a few things that stand out compared to other FlexDeploy Projects, namely the Deployment link and Status. Both of these are shown for Container Projects only and offer some insight into the actual application that was deployed and some basic monitoring.


The deployment status is only monitored if Kubectl is installed on the local FlexDeploy server.

Bonus: Image Scanning

If you have made it this far you have seen the bread and butter of Kubernetes deployments in FlexDeploy. If you want to take things to the next level this section will incorporate Image scanning via Anchore in our build process.

FlexDeploy supports native Anchore inline image scanning. What this means for you is that no additional installations or setup is needed apart from updating our Project.

Updating the Project Image Scanning Configuration