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  • From the extracted zip directory, navigate to the WebLogic/logger directory and locate these files:
    • FDWLSLogHandler.jar
    • logging.xml
  • Copy the FDWLSLogHandler.jar to the lib sub-directory of the domain.
  • Copy the logging.xml file to the config/fmwconfig/servers/FlexDeploy_Server1 subdirectory of the WebLogic domain. This step must be performed on the admin server domain if the WebLogic installation followed the Enterprise Deployment Guide (EDG).

Setup Additional Libraries

  • If using IBM ClearCase, you will need to copy some jar files from your ClearCase server or ClearTeam Explorer installation into <DOMAIN_HOME>/lib

    • Copy all jar files found in the folder of your ClearCase server or ClearTeam Explorer installation to <DOMAIN_HOME>/lib folder. (commons-codec-1.3.jar, commons-lang-2.3.jar, icu4j-4_8.jar, remote_core.jar, stpclientws.jar, stpcq.jar, teamapiextensions.jar, unicodetypemgr.jar, commons-httpclient-3.0.jar, commons-logging-1.0.4.jar, icu4j-charset-4_8.jar, stpcc.jar, stpcmmn.jar, stpwvcm.jar, ucleardiffmerge.jar)

EAR Installation

From the extracted zip directory navigate to the WebLogic sub-directory, locate the EAR file (FlexDeploy-WLS.ear), and follow these instructions to install the EAR.