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Image NameFDDKR_INP_IMAGE_NAMEYesImage to create the container with

Should the plugin execution directories be mounted as a volume? Default value is true. Volumes are mounted under the following directories in the container:

  • /fd_working_dir/temp,
  • /fd_working_dir/artifacts,
  • /fd_working_dir/object-results
  • /fd_working_dir/test-results
  • /fd_working_dir/reports
  • /fd_working_dir/transfer
  • /fd_working_dir/internal
VolumesFDDKR_INP_VOLUMESNoA comma separated list of volumes to attach to the container. Volume entries should be host:container.
Exposed PortsFDDKR_INP_EXPOSED_PORTSNoA comma separated list of ports to expose on the container and host. (e.g. 28080:8080,20022:28080,22:20022,[ContainerPortHostPort]:[HostPortContainerPort])
Container Entrypoint CommandsFDDKR_INP_CONTAINER_COMMANDSNoCsv list of entrypoint commands to pass to the container.
Remove ContainerFDDKR_INP_REMOVE_CONTAINERNoRemove container after running? Default value is false. This will also remove volumes created for the container.
Container NameFDDKR_INP_CONTAINER_NAMENoAdd a name for the new container.
Wait For ExitFDDKR_INP_WAIT_FOR_EXITNoIf true, FlexDeploy will wait until the container has exited. Default value is false.
Additional ParametersFDDKR_INP_ADDITIONAL_PARAMSNoAdd any additional parameters not listed above, which will be added to the run command. (e.g. --cidfile /test/file.cid -d -e MYVAR1)