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  • From the extracted zip directory, navigate to the WebLogic/logger directory and locate these files:
    • FDWLSLogHandler.jar
    • logging.xml
  • Copy the FDWLSLogHandler.jar to the lib sub-directory of the domain.
  • Copy the logging.xml file to the config/fmwconfig/servers/FlexDeploy_Server1 subdirectory of the WebLogic domain. This step must be performed on the admin server domain if the WebLogic installation followed the Enterprise Deployment Guide (EDG).

Copy Additional Libraries

From the FlexDeploy WebLogic distribution, copy WebLogic/FlexDeployAPI.jar into <WebLogic Domain Home>/lib.

EAR Installation

From the extracted zip directory navigate to the WebLogic sub-directory, locate the EAR file (FlexDeploy-WLS.ear), and follow these instructions to install the EAR.