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  • Oracle Database
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1803] - Increase Size Limit of Schema Field for Oracle DB Project.
  • Oracle APEX
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1839] - APEX Plugin - constraint (APEX_190100.WWV_FLOW_PROCESSING_PK) violated.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1840] - APEX Plugin - allow export of public reports, comments, translations etc.
  • Oracle EBS
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1811] - EBS Plugin - perform dos2unix conversion for Program Files, Shell scripts and Perl modules. SQL files were already going through dos2unix conversion.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-18021719a] - Email approval not working with HTML replies.¬†-¬†Reply to email approvals not working with text/html for some mail clients
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1719b] - Reply to emails not being deleted after processing for some mail clients

FlexDeploy (09-20-2019)